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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Prelude to an oil down

Breadfruit from Shepherd's BushThe time has come for the great oil down day. I've been itching to cook breadfruit oil down since March, when a completely unscientific poll on this blog revealed it was the dish that Trinis like best.
When I ran the survey, I promised to cook whatever people voted as their favourite. And since the summer seems to be disappearing quickly, I thought I should do it before the weather gets totally rotten.

There's a bit of serendipity involved in making oil down over here, mainly because you might not get breadfruit when you want it. I bought two breadfruits two weeks ago in Peckham with the intention of peeling and freezing them when I got home. Unfortunately, I fell asleep and by the next morning, the breadfruits went soft.
With just three days to go before the cook, a bit of panic set in so I prayed hard and went to Shepherd's Bush Market where I got four perfect breadfruits.
I've cut them up and put them in the freezer (to stop them ripening), now all I've got to do is buy the seasonings, saltfish, and coconut milk. Next time, I'll give the breadfruit oil down recipe.

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  • At 17:46, Anonymous Ros said…

    Is that fresh breadfruit you've got there? I love breadfruit but I thought you could only get it canned over here. Where did you get yours?

  • At 17:49, Anonymous Ros said…

    And I shoud l clarify that- I see it was Shepherd's Bush market but I meant where exactly- I've never seen it there and I always get lost in it!

  • At 21:59, Blogger Trinifood said…

    Ros, if you walk up the main entrance, past the fishmonger on your left, you'll see a stall selling vegetables on your right. The guy there is where I got it from. I don't know his name but I will definitely find out for you.


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