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Monday, July 24, 2006

My first harvest

I was so excited when I dug up these lovely garlic bulbs!
I got the cloves at last year's Hampton Court Palace Flower Show from the
Garlic Farm's stall.
I've bought their garlic at Borough Market before, and since I know how good that Isle of Wight garlic is, I thought I'd give planting some a shot.
I planted them in November and waited patiently until last week to harvest them. It feels great to hold something you've planted in your hands.
The next project is salad leaves, carrots and spring onions (aka scallions), but it's so damn hot now I think I'll wait until it cools a bit.
I'm not a green thumb, I'm not good at plants but I'm determined to make a success of planting edible stuff but who knows, I might throw in a few roses, some irisies and a few cacti for good measure.

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