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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another one converted

Paul tackles venison
In case you didn't realise, one of my missions in life is to convert as many of my Trini friends into adventurous foodies.
You see, a lot of Trinis are a bit sniffy when it comes to trying new stuff. Not only do they feel that the Trini way is the only way, but they're often willing to dismiss something different without giving it a chance.
Most of my friends are open to new stuff, but many of them blanch at the thought of rabbit cause they can't believe I'd eat Bugs Bunny or at ostrich because it's just weird.
My good buddy Paul recently spent a weekend in London with me so I took him to Borough Market and convinced him to try venison. He was surprised that deer was so readily avialable, as back home the ony time you get deer is if you know someone who went hunting in the bush.
Paul liked the venison and also fell in love with Borough Market. He was thoroughly impressed with the sheer variety and the freshness of the products on offer and now when he calls he asks, "how's Borough Market?"
My mission continues.....

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