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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not a doubles in sight!

Everybody asked me if I got any doubles in Germany, well for the record, I didn't see any doubles vendors in Nuremberg. In fact, I didn't see any Trini food on display.
I went to the Tourism Board's booth after the game but I didn't see any trace of any Trini food. I heard there was Trini food in Dortmund, but those reports are yet to be confirmed.
Frankly, I believe a lot of Trinidadian companies missed a trick, especially companies like Angostura.

Imagine that Trinidad and Tobago is getting the most press it has ever gotten in the United Kingdom yet no one felt it was right or even sensible to organise a trade event here?
Angostura could have taken advantage of the opportunity to push its rums to pubs in London or even in Scotland where there was a huge Trinidad and Tobago support base.
What did Angostura do? They concentrated on satisfying the converted and they are probably thinking they were so successful because all the Trinis came out to their free soca concerts.
Now I have no problems with hosting soca concerts in Germany, not at all. But what about the week before the World Cup when all eyes were on Trinidad and Tobago? A well organised Trini music show supplemented by some UK acts in London might have gone down a storm at a venue like the Barbican.
I feel like I'm peeing in the wind but the fact that I didn't get a doubles isn't about me and it certainly isn't about doubles. It's about yet another missed opportunity by Trinidad and Tobago to show the world what we're about.

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  • At 14:22, Blogger sweet trini said…

    walk good.

  • At 15:33, Blogger TAssing said…

    true true Franka
    now, it might be a little late but the father of the nation has decided to send out enough trade missions to take over the world!
    *smells a little like Pinky and the Brain*

  • At 16:53, Blogger Trinifood said…

    a bit late now eh.
    he eh tired talk a pile ah poo

  • At 17:51, Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said…

    Hola Franka, how are you doing? what have you been cooking up these days?
    A big hug!


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