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Saturday, May 27, 2006

World Cup doubles??

Life's been a blur for the last two weeks, and I've been meaning to find a quiet hour to blog. Fortunately, things calmed down a bit and normal service is now resumed.
Wuk, yuh know work, the day job has been manic.
And much of it has to do with the World Cup as I've been working on programmes about Trinidad and Tobago's historic debut in the World Cup.
I hope to be heading off to Germany on June 14th to see Trinidad play England, and I want to check out two food related things in the short time I'll be there. German food (of course) and Trini food in a German context.
I really looking to see whether we will have our wares on display, I really hoping to see vendors selling doubles and pholourie next to the winergirls and steelband.
After all, the Germans say they want to see what all the nations have to offer. I hear Trinidad and Tobago sending soca artistes, tassa drummers and blue devils but I feel hoping for Sauce doubles might be asking for a bit too much.
If I don't see the Trini food, I looking forward to at least drinking some serious German beer and eating some scrummy, delicious bread.
But first I have to encounter Mr German Embassy, but from all reports they moving smoothly there. EJ and Cherise went to the embassy today and they got through easily.
There were a lot of Trinis in the line there and EJ reported hearing a fella say, "I doh care about the result, as long as dey leh we in de stadium wid we cooler so we could slap down some fours."
That's Trinis for you!

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