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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a Great Friday!

Khary, left, Sean and BonnieLast Wednesday, EJ announced that the much anticipated Good Friday housewarming lime was off.
After a few despairing emails back and forth among the crew, I suggested that we move the lime over to my house, so Good Friday became the Great Friday lime.
We stuck to the original plan of everyone bringing something for the meal.
Sean and Bex said they'd bring pumpkin and geera pork with bodi.
Bonnie offered channa and Khary took on his regular role of bringing drinks and ice.

I cooked fish, rice, curry mango and dessert of strawberry ice cream and hot cross buns.
Since we were due to eat at around 5pm, I felt an early start would be best so I was up at 7am kneading the dough for hot cross buns.
The buns were made from a recipe by Hayzel Brathwaithe, a great friend and one of Trinidad's rare artisan bakers.
As planned, I cooked the fish using the recipe I adapted from Sylvia Hunt's book but instead of sea bass, I used a whole croaker I picked up at the Shepherd's Bush Market, near to my office in West London.
Bex tackles the pumpkinOf course in typical Trini style, when five o'clock came pots were still bubbling away.
My dishes were long finished but the kitchen was then filled with the aromas of Sean, Bex and Bonnie's pots.
They sensibly opted to cook here instead of toting hot food across London on the train.
An added bonus for the evening, was what I call the unofficial launch of Sean and Bex's t-shirt line, Kangaroo and Manicou.
The t-shirts feature some common Trinidadianisms like Steuuups, Suck Eye, Choonk-a-loonks and Famalee.
My friends know that I like t-shirts with witty sayings on them - I have one that says Jesus is coming, look busy - and I welcome t-shirts that truly reflect Trininess.
The Great Friday lime was one to remember. I'm looking forward to the summer when we'll certainly be eating al fresco.

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  • At 16:44, Anonymous keifel said…

    I want a tshirt.

  • At 13:20, Anonymous jake said…

    i've got a 'jesus is coming - look busy' fridge magnet... where is your tshirt from...? also, ive just realised that i didn't have a single hot-cross-bun this easter!

  • At 16:27, Blogger sweet trini said…

    yeh- i want a jersey too. steups or suckeye or someting...
    walk good.


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