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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trini Stew starring online

I'm so happy today. I've scored one for me and for Caribbean cooking!
A few weeks ago, UKTV Food (the British equivalent of American cable channel, The Food Network) commissioned a recipe for Stewed Mutton from me.
I gladly obliged and now you can see my recipe on their website.

The folks at UKTV said they'll link the recipe to a feature on mutton, which will appear around April 23, St George's Day. This feature will celebrate old fashioned English dishes, as well as the multicultural food world we now live in.
I based the recipe on the traditional Trinidadian method of stewing meat which uses caremelised sugar to give the meat flavour and colour.
This mutton recipe is also quite topical since there's a mutton revival, going on in the UK. Prince Charles and Gordon Ramsay are among those urging people to use more mutton.
I can't blame them because mutton is a very interesting meat.
Have a look at my recipe and take a look at the UKTV Food website, I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting foodie things there!
More importantly, try the recipe and tell me what you think!!

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