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Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's official, Trinis love Oildown!

The results of my very unscientific 'Trini's Finest' food survey are finally in. Despite the attempts by some of my friends to engage in acts of voter padding - no Bonnie, I can't make paratha roti and pumpkin win - the favourite was Breadfruit Oildown.
I sent out 80 emails and 47 people responded. Forty-five respondents named a definite favourite while the other two praised the all round goodness of Trini cuisine.

Breadfruit Oildown - 11 votes
Pelau - 9 votes
Roti - 6 votes
Ochro and rice - 4 votes
Provision and saltfish - 3 votes
Coconut bake - 2 votes
Coo Coo and Callaloo - 2 votes
Oxtail Soup, Curry Crab and Dumpling, Curry Wild Meat, Cowheel Soup, Stew Chicken and Callaloo, Doubles, Shark and Bake and Macaroni Pie each got 1 vote.

An interesting note came from Martin (whose favourite was Curry Crab by the way), who said one of his childhood favourites was Chip Chip Accra. I know I can't get Chip Chip here but I'll try British shellfish, maybe cockles or clams.

The next step is to cook Oil Down for a discerning crowd, some of whom I have never cooked for! I'll make sure and record it for the blog, complete with photos and the recipe.

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  • At 11:15, Anonymous trinilisa said…

    I vex, I didn't even pick oildown. I'm with Bonnie on the roti.

  • At 11:17, Anonymous trinilisa said…

    BTW, I forgot to say congrats on your blog!!!

  • At 18:05, Blogger sweet trini said…

    aye franka! long time, but nice to find you here, belly-deep in food.
    so what was the answer to the question of whether oildown counts as a soup?
    walk good.

  • At 20:40, Blogger Trinifood said…

    Hmm, is Oildown soup?
    Maybe it is, but it depends on how you cook it I guess. Some people prefer a very wet oildown but some others like when it boils right down. I like a wet, slurpy Oildown mihself.....

  • At 22:43, Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said…

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Can hardly wait for you to post some of your favorite recipes!!!


  • At 13:56, Blogger Keith said…

    As a card-carrying member of PLoTT, the Pelau Lovers of Trinidad and Tobago, I'm a little bemused at the result. I find myself wondering what kind of breadfruit voter padding shenaninigans took place for such a glorious Trini staple to be beaten into a marginally close second. :)

    Looking forward to more, my friend...


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