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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Joy of Oxtail

Saturday's normally a soup day in the Caribbean.
You'll find a lot of people making soup, usually fish broth or oxtail soup. If they can't make it, then they'll go somewhere and buy a soup!
Today, in London, I paid homage to my roots and I made oxtail soup with what's known as 'winter vegetables' - parsnips, desiree potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, carrots and broccoli.
At it's best, oxtail is an unctuous, glutinous delight. My soup wasn't very glutinous mainly because I used the leaner part of the tail. But if you use the more meaty bit, it releases a lovely light jelly that gives the soup its unique flavour.
In Trinidad, most people use a pressure cooker to tenderise the oxtail before adding the veggies and if necessarily, dumplings. But I seared my oxtail to give it some colour and removed it from the pot. I then made a mirepoix and let it cook for a bit before putting the meat back in the pot and adding the veggies along with stock and seasoning.
Two hours later, there was one of the most flavourful soups I've ever made. It looked better than the one in the photo!!
I'd love to know what other foodies think are their best soups. Oxtail soup and fish broth are up at the top there for me!

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  • At 20:55, Anonymous lennygrant Ink said…

    always in the market for a piece of tail. but what are desiree potatoes? Join me for a post-Jouvert cowheel soup. Your place or mine?

  • At 21:04, Anonymous Original Brownin said…

    I have tasted your cooking on many occasions,both experimental and well perfected dishes. Please do as we did the last time - put mine away in the freezer.

  • At 03:09, Blogger Attillah said…

    You know, I haven't eaten meat in over fifteen years, but you had me dribbling there...

  • At 07:34, Anonymous keifel said…

    Is about time woman. email meh some nah.

  • At 14:36, Blogger Mindy McAdams said…

    Sounds soooo delicious! Ox-tail is really expensive here in the U.S. It used to be cheap, but I guess Americans caught on to how tasty it is. It's the key ingredient in the yummy Vietnamese soup pho, you know.

  • At 14:24, Anonymous Bonnie said…

    Nice one girl...that oxtail sound good! My own better be in your freezer!!

    And I'm first in line for Nigella's Choco gingerbread adventure...i'll even bring the ginger :0)


  • At 16:55, Anonymous Georgia/Caribbean Free Radio said…

    Hi Franka,

    Nicholas Laughlin and I are at Veni at the moment sponging of 3canal's wi-fi and enjoying your oxtail rhapsody, which I've also linked at Global Voices -

  • At 15:35, Anonymous victor said…

    Do you consider Oil Down a soup? If not then a good split pea soup with corn meal dumplings and pig tail!

  • At 19:05, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is one of the people on this blog an old Bishops girl named Springer?

    If you are, this is a small world indeed, yes.


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