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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eating my words....

Hello, my name is Franka and I'm a cookbookaholic.
I have a mild addiction to cookbooks. But isn't this perfectly natural if you love food and cooking? One day I intend to write a cookbook that other addicts add to their shelves as well.
My latest acquisition is Feast by Nigella Lawson. And this is why I'm eating my words.
You see, I've always told my friends that as much as I like Nigella's programmes, I wouldn't buy one of her cookbooks. But that changed when I actually picked up one of her books and had a look.

Nigella's writes like an angel (I would expect nothing less from someone who went to Oxford and was the deputy literary editor of the Sunday Times newspaper). She brings her buouyant personality and passion to her books and most crucially, her recipes are top notch.
Feast is aptly subtitled Food That Celebrates Life. In 21 chapters, Nigella explores the food that's eaten during cultural and religious celebrations like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Eid and Passover. She also looks at feasts at some of life's common events like breakfast, weddings and funerals.
This book is a gem, and I'd heartily recommend it. There are lots of recipes I'd love to try especially Chocolate Gingerbread!!
I liked her inclusion of a chapter about special but awkward times like, the first date and the first dinner with prospective in-laws. I was also fascinated by the chapter on Eid, because the dishes she selected are so very different from the Eid dishes I've encountered at Eid celebrations in Trinidad.

Read more about Nigella at her website, you'll even find some recipes.

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  • At 20:04, Anonymous Denise said…

    OK wait, Nigella writes like an angel? I had no idea. I didn't know her educational background. I didn't know anything about her at all, really.

    Thanks for posting this. I will pick up her book and take a look.

  • At 14:59, Anonymous Tracy Assing said…

    Might have to send you some recipies for cooking "wild meat" ... sure that would make a great exotic inclusion.
    Check out Tillah's blog for her struggle with lappe 'leau last Saturday.

  • At 19:16, Blogger Petit said…

    I enjoyed her other books but didn't think this one was particularly good. Some of the 'sweet' savoury dishes looked plain odd - gingerbread chicken stuffing!


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